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When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 in 2021, writing a memoir came to the forefront of my mind. I asked on LinkedIn if anyone knew any ghostwriters. Why use a ghostwriter? Why not write it myself?

It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to write – whether it would be memoirs, novels, journals or blogs. I’m not particularly good at sticking to my plans to write; as you’ll have seen my blogging is sporadic because it depends on what I’ve got going on at the time.

After years of working as a consultant, I have come to know that you can’t always rely on yourself for certain things. A full-time writer has learned the techniques needed to hook readers in. I’m just a business consultant who rambles a lot. The writer is also being paid to do a job, so the work will be done; it’s not a pastime. The risk is all on me as the contributing author; when do I have time to do my bits? Not to mention the cost of hiring a ghostwriter.

Then I had the opportunity one day to do this, thanks to the generosity of so many people out there who contributed to my GoFundMe page, dedicated to making memories for Mollie. I was able to take out StoryTerrace’s top package and write my memoir, with Jools, one of their ghostwriters. They even signed over the copyright afterwards.

It’s writers like Jools Abrams who are able to take a whirlwind of a life and weave it into an engaging story designed to help my little girl understand me. She will spend more of her life without me than with me, so it means the world to leave her this little book full of truths and love.

Hurricane Gemma – order from 1 August 2022 for your Kindle and in both paperback and hardback. UK | US links are here; the book is also available in many other countries (too many to list here), so please search for Hurricane Gemma in your regional Amazon site.

Single Gemma With Cancer


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