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We are starting to get to the tougher stuff! Let’s get technical and talk about some of the process automation features available to us inside Salesforce: Process Builder and Approval Processes.

Session 15 – Automation and Process Builder

Making magic happen inside Salesforce is one of the most satisfying parts of working with it. I’ve loved making virtual Invoices appear from simple opportunity fields in my time, so in this session we examine some of the automation features we have at our disposal.

Session 16 – Approval Processes

Automating approvals saves SO MUCH TIME when checks need to be made before customer engagement. For example, it’s quite common for sales managers to have to approve a discount before they send a quote.

Week 8 Homework – Recruiting App Continued

More opportunity to practice what we’ve learned in previous weeks. In these badges. you’ll be setting up profiles, formulae and validation rules. Once you’ve done these, we can have a go at building our own automations. Follow the order below from left to right!

Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 7
Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 9