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Session 11 – Sharing (continued) and Formulas 

with our Special Guest: Steve Ross

Sharing Diagram (image and PDF)

Session 12 – Formula and Rollup Summary Fields, Products & Price Books

After-Call Notes

ACM: We got to the bottom of the issue with people’s rollup summaries after the call, and found they had Advanced Currency Management enabled. Rollup Summary fields do not work well with objects affected by Advanced Currency Management.

More info on rollup summary & ACM here

Known Issue: In Lightning, there’s an issue with data being displayed in rollup summary fields. Click here to review and make sure you mark that the issue is affecting you!

Limitations of Master-Detail relationships: Click here to see more

Products and Price Books Data Model Diagram (image and PDF)

Week 6 Homework

Please complete homework between sessions

Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 5
Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 7