Salesforce Certified Non-Profit Cloud Consultant Exam Tips

I haven’t worked much with NPSP (Non-Profit Success Pack) during my career with Salesforce. Much of my work has tended to be B2B or B2B2C. But using NPSP for Ladies Be Architects, having set it all up, helped me to understand the basics, like the Household Account model, the fantastic Relationships and Affiliations features and the Volunteering functionality it provides. […]

Which order should I take the Salesforce architect exams in?

A few people have asked me, whilst on my CTA journey, in which order I’d recommend taking the certifications. Opinion is undoubtedly divided on this matter. There are a few overlaps between the certifications in terms of content but the main thing I’ve learnt to date is that as you piece it all together, you start to gain a broader […]