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Session 3 – Salesforce User Tour

In this session we complete the Salesforce User Tour Trailhead badge together

Session 4 – Accounts & Contacts, Chatter for Lightning Experience

Click the buttons below to find the Trailhead modules we did and follow along with the session

Before I hit the “Record” button, we had a discussion about Trailblazer Community Groups and Student Groups. For bonus marks, complete the module on Trailblazer Community Groups (look below) to find out more!You can find out more about the Student Programme here, and click the button below for the Trailmix on how to start a student group

Week 2 Homework

Please do the homework between sessions. This week’s homework is all about Lightning Experience and introducing you to Reports and Dashboards

Lightning Experience for Closers

Reports and Dashboards for Lightning Experience

Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 1
Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 3