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Service Cloud – KCS & Chatbots

Click the buttons below to find the Trailhead modules we did and follow along with the sessions. This is the last session – apologies that it ends so abruptly, but I completed some special sessions exclusively for the attendees following this one to say thank you for attending every week.

Session 27 – Introducing Knowledge

Knowledge management is an important part of Service Cloud, particularly in service models that drive Knowledge-Centred Support/Service (KCS). KCS saves companies a LOT of money, because the customer base effectively serves itself through articles and communities. Chances are you’ve been a consumer of KCS many times without realising it.

In this session, we set up Salesforce Knowledge together.

Session 28 – Service Cloud AI & ChatBots

Thought that was interesting? Let’s have an introductory look at some of the AI features and set up a ChatBot!

Week 14 Homework – Service Cloud

Please note that since this training was done, Salesforce has rebranded Community Cloud as Experience Cloud. They’ve also renamed LiveAgent as Chat Agent.

If you followed along from start to finish – thank you, and I hope you feel more able to tackle Trailhead on your own. I wish you all the very best for your certifications and future career!!

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