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Click the buttons below to find the Trailhead modules we did and follow along with the sessions

Session 19 – Importing and Exporting Data with the Data Import Wizard

Session 20 – Exporting and Updating Data with the Data Loader

Week 10 Homework – Data Import / Export

Two pieces of homework for you this week!

First Homework Item

Remember back in week 3, I set you homework to manually input data? Well, now you get to do it using the Data Import Wizard and the Data Loader. The following should look familiar – it’s the sheet we used before. Click to download it:

Installing the data loader is a little fiddly these days, but you can get the help you need here:

You will need to install Zulu OpenJDK version 11 before you start.

There’s a little chat at the end of Session 20 about how you’ve covered much of what’s needed to do the Certified Administrator exam. If you’re interested in studying and practicing, here’s more about the exam and you can check out Focus on Force too.

Second Homework Item

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