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Click the buttons below to find the Trailhead modules we did and follow along with the sessions

Session 13 – Validation Rules & Recruiting App Project

Session 14 – Recruiting App Trailhead Badges Discussion & Demo

Our classmate Jeremy takes us through his progress on the Recruiting App badges – please complete this week’s homework to get the full benefit

Week 7 Homework – Recruiting App

2 Projects this week! Let’s build a recruiting app (note that you have to complete the one on the left before you can do the one on the right!)

Practice making your own demo:

Demos are an important skill to master in your new Salesforce job. Use the Trailhead menu to guide the structure and flow of your demo – make it tell a story and take a moment to relate what you’re showing to a business situation. Then tweet it to me! I’d love to watch yours!

Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 6
Learn Salesforce with Gemma - Week 8