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Thanks for your interest in my free Learn Salesforce course – here’s the index page for Homework and Recordings!

You do not need to have a business or technology background to follow this course; it’s targeted at absolute beginners.

What’s Salesforce all about?

Week 1 – Introduction to Salesforce and Trailhead

An introduction to Salesforce, some platform basics and homework for orientation around Trailhead itself.

Week 2 – User tour, Reports, List views, Accounts, Contacts, Chatter

We complete Trailhead modules around Accounts and Contacts, and we take a tour of Salesforce users.

Building Business Applications with Salesforce

Week 3 – Apps, custom objects, fields

We focus our attention onto apps, creating custom fields and objects. For homework, it’s data time! Enter data into Salesforce based on what you’ve learned so far.

Week 4 – List Views, Page Layouts, Compact Layouts, Actions. Buttons and Links

Learn about list views, compact layouts, page layouts, buttons, lists and actions – then for homework, build your very own Salesforce app

Keeping Data Private and Secure

Week 5 – Data Security

Special guest Steve Ross talks us through sharing and visibility, giving us a scenario to consider. Homework is to realise it in Salesforce.

Week 6 – Sharing, Formulas, Rollups and Validation Rules

Learn about sharing, formulae, validations, and randomly, we start to dive deeper into Sales Cloud to talk about Products and Price Books

Week 7 – Validation Rules and Building a Recruiting App

This week, we start building a recruitment app and exploring features such as validation rules. These are key for data quality, and then we move into a demo from one of our classmates as they’ve worked through their own Recruitment app.

Salesforce Witchcraft

Week 8 – Process Automation

We are starting to get to the tougher stuff! Let’s get technical and talk about some process automation inside Salesforce: Process Builder and Approval Processes.

Week 9 – Introducing Flow

Flow is a more advanced tool that allows more complex automation logic to be built inside Salesforce without writing any code. And you lucky people get to learn about it!

Manipulating Data

Week 10 – Data Import, Export and Update

Let’s learn about data loading! In these sessions we use various data management tools to load, update and delete data

Week 11 – Reports and Dashboards

This session is all about building Salesforce reports and dashboards, and the homework is to complete your very first credential: the Lightning Experience Reports and Dashboards Specialist superbadge.

Deploying and Testing Salesforce Apps

Week 12 – Application Lifecycle Management

This session is all about sandboxes, change sets and learning how to build apps and deploy them into Production environments properly.

Service Cloud

Week 13 – Service Cloud – Cases, Entitlements

This is a hands-on introduction to the world of customer service, whereby we customise Salesforce for Service Cloud and explore some of its main concepts.

Week 14 – Service Cloud – Knowledge and Chatbots

To finish off our Service Cloud theme, we set up our first Chatbot and examine Knowledge-Centred Support/Service. We also look at why companies have adopted this service model and how Salesforce can support it.

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