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This article will help you to work through the App Customization Specialist superbadge. I am not intending to give out the answers, just a nudge here and there where I know it can get frustrating. You could be the most highly-certified Trailblazer in the world, but still be caught out by this exercise. Thanks for the challenge, Trailhead!

The superbadge covers:

  • Basic custom fields
  • Validation rules
  • Relationship fields
  • Rollup summary fields
  • Some advanced formula fields
  • Some less advanced formula fields
  • Process Builder
  • Approval Processes
  • Lightning app pages
  • Report builder
  • Dashboards
  • Lightning app
  • Creating a user
  • Permission sets
  • Testing!!

Sort Your Org Out First

Spin up a new Trailhead Playground and label it the name of the Superbadge; you’ll need to refer to it later. Don’t be tempted to delete it either! Also, I can recommend you reset your admin user password and store it for later to help with the installation of the unmanaged package.

The unmanaged package contains all the custom objects you’ll need, so it will save you some time, but you’ll need to read the instructions carefully and build the right relationship fields.

Learning with Trailhead, as ever, means copying and pasting field names and labels. If the exercise provides a field description or help text, copy and paste it into your respective config too. The clue is that if the instructions don’t tell you to add help text or descriptions, chances are it’s not checking for it when you submit the challenge.

Help Yourself Succeed

  • Don’t rush through it
  • It’s not prescriptive on details – you have to figure out how to achieve each goal (except for things that are used for checking, like metadata labels and API names)
  • Read the exercise fully – there are gotchas in there designed to catch you out if you just try to race through it.
  • Enable the Beta Report Builder for Lightning Experience

It took me the best part of 4 hours to get past Challenge 2 because it’s so fussy. When this finally happened, I wanted to frame it:


  • Keep referring to the entity relationship diagram that you’re provided with
  • Get to know how each object relates to each other, so you know how to structure your formulae and report types later

Volunteer Jobs

  • More than one Volunteer Skill may be needed for a job. Just sayin’. Also – I forgot one fundamental thing. How can the system match people to jobs based on skills? hmmm….yeah – don’t do what I did and forget the very purpose of this field having a global value set.

Volunteer Shifts

  • API Names – if in doubt, copy and paste the field labels from the Trailhead challenge into your Org. It’s fussy.
  • When you roll up your “Shifts Taken”, adding two rows of filters to your roll-up summary field will not get you any correct results since you’re asking for 1 record where the status is x AND y. Think about how you’d make it an OR filter.
  • The newly-released Time datatypes caused me some confusion; my advice is to stick to “tradition” with your Start Time and End Time fields, since you’ll need to use them to build a validation rule.
  • (Start Time – End Time) will give you the number of shift hours in days. Think about what you need to do with that to get the right result.
  • OMG – “# of Volunteers Still Needed” made my hair turn grey. There are a few ways to calculate this figure, but ultimately you’re figuring out whether the difference between “Desired # of Volunteers” and “Shifts Taken” is greater than 0 and deciding what result to show.

Medhanie’s the man

SHOUT OUT TO Medhanie for helping me with this when I was tearing my hair out. Thank you!

Reports and Dashboards

  • Switch on Report Builder (Lightning Experience). It doesn’t like it if you create the reports in Classic and then switch over.
  • Watch where you store things – the first step is to create your folders; this is where the checks will be made.
  • Disable row counts – these are technically “details”
  • This badge gets fussy over sorting, and the Beta report builder is a bit glitchy – it can forget your settings. Keep checking what you’re sorting by.
  • Sort your columns by clicking the grouped column and telling it to sort by your value column, as shown here:

  • Keep a close eye on your chart titles; they’re not always the same as your report titles and they don’t always inherit them either

In all, challenges 2 and 4 are the most frustrating. So I’m sooo happy now I’ve got to here:

Aaaand……having built the app page and the app correctly and assigning it to the right profiles: you’re there!

Stuck on the Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist or Process Automation Specialist superbadges? Some more tips can be found under the Trailhead menu above.

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