Learn Salesforce with Gemma – Week 5

Session 9 – Data Security  with our Special Guest: Steve Ross Resources I talked about in this video: Manual Sharing in Lightning (app) Territory Management Session 10 – Data Security Project with special guest: Steve Ross In session 10, we work through a scenario together. We didn’t complete it in full, but the homework this week is to finish it […]

Learn Salesforce with Gemma – Week 3

Still with us? Thanks for continuing. Session 5 – Leads, Opportunities & Sales Productivity Follow along: Session 6 – Lightning App Manager, Data Modelling Concepts, Custom Objects We’ll finish this badge in week 4 :0) Week 3 Homework Please do the homework between sessions. This week is all about entering data based on what you’ve learned so far about creating […]

Learn Salesforce with Gemma – Week 2

Session 3 – Salesforce User Tour In this session we complete the Salesforce User Tour Trailhead badge together Session 4 – Accounts & Contacts, Chatter for Lightning Experience Click the buttons below to find the Trailhead modules we did and follow along with the session Before I hit the “Record” button, we had a discussion about Trailblazer Community Groups and […]

Learn Salesforce with Gemma – Homework and Recordings

Thanks for your interest in my free Learn Salesforce course – here’s the index page for Homework and Recordings! You do not need to have a business or technology background to follow this course; it’s targeted at absolute beginners. What’s Salesforce all about? Week 1 – Introduction to Salesforce and Trailhead An introduction to Salesforce, some platform basics and homework […]

Learn Salesforce with Gemma – Week 1

Session 1 – Introduction to Salesforce Platform Basics Trailhead Badge Session 2 – Platform Basics Week 1 Homework Please do the homework between sessions. This week is all about orientation for Salesforce and Trailhead Getting Started with Trailhead Please note that Top Trailblazers is no longer available (boooo!) – but for very good reason! Share This: