Salesforce partners: Please rethink your approach to events

Salesforce is a community and there is a large variety of Salesforce events running throughout the year: Connections, World Tour, Dreamin’ community events, the Partner Forum and of course – Dreamforce. When Salesforce began to pick up in the UK we saw the volume of registrations just hit the roof – but I’ve noticed a shift in the people who […]

The Impact of User Groups

From day one, in April 2008, I was aware of Salesforce user groups. My mentor at the time, Julie, told me I should consider going along since I was so into Salesforce. What put me off was the expense of getting into London from High Wycombe and the fact I would need to give up my own personal time. As […]

Salesforce Solution Design: Success is a Team Sport

I think I speak for many admins and consultants when I say that thinking about a Salesforce solution can be harder than configuring it. By the time you’ve finished gathering requirements, mapping processes and mocking things up, the solution you plan to build is nicely taking shape in your brain. The big question is: how can you be certain that […]

VIDEO: Visualising Solutions – How to Communicate Your Vision

Trust and Confidence Aside from building the solution itself, these two things are arguably the most important things you have to build when you’re implementing any kind of new software solution. Think about the last implementation you did – be it an internal or an external project. Your stakeholders have been through negotiations on scope, on price and on quality. […]

The Crossover: When Cancer and Salesforce Collide

This blog has an unusual name because at the time I started it, I didn’t want to commit to blogging about a single topic. I decided I was going to write about my experiences with cancer, perhaps some genealogy and a little Salesforce. The cancer story got to ten chapters before my goals changed and suddenly I was only blogging […]