Learn Salesforce with Gemma
Learn Salesforce with Gemma has a new home!

Learn Salesforce with Gemma has a new home!

Hello everyone, it took a while, but I finally moved my free Learn Salesforce course to its new home here.

2,190 of you signed up to take this course (wow!) – and whilst it’s now finished, you can follow along with it at your own pace. Sometimes it helps to have a virtual friend walk you through Trailhead, and it’s been my pleasure to.

You can get to the course through the links above, or by opening up the main Homework and Recordings page! Please do me a favour and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can find the course easily – but it’s important that you come back here to get the homework and badge links too.

Have fun, good luck, and if you have feedback, please submit it here!

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