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At the beginning of 2020, I was amidst the worry of whether I’d be able to pay my bills in January and beyond. Then, one morning, I saw a Twitter post that advertised a new campaign for backing women’s business ideas.

I have to admit, I didn’t think I’d be eligible or have a chance! The business was already formed, albeit very young. But I gave it a go anyway.

Lo and behold, my application was accepted!

I spent a couple of weeks preparing the page – struggling to articulate the message if I’m honest; I had to contend with my own misgivings about asking for money. I’m not a natural marketeer – I tend to throw things out there and see what sticks, which is exactly why I need investment for a good marketing leader.

Right now, 2 days in – I am so glad I have done this. The more people I speak to about The Architech Club, the more confident I am that this is 1) needed and 2) going to work. I’m throwing my heart and soul into it because I 100% believe that we can stop red Salesforce projects in their tracks.

So if you’re with me – please take a look at the page above and show your support through our crowdfunding campaign. We have several rewards up for grabs – including donations to Astriid, Supermums, Ladies Be Architects and PepUpTech. These organisations are dedicated to growing the Salesforce ecosystem and getting people from all kinds of backgrounds into jobs in technology; if you have people in your network who care about this, please share this with them!

Thank you.

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