First week of school [x]

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Phew…the first week of total complete routine change is now in the bag. How does Mollie think her first week of school went? “Good.” (Well that’s good). Her favourite thing? The tablets she got to play with in class that are exactly like the one she has at home. While many of the new reception kids are flat out this week, Molls is still blithely chatting away at 8:30pm and still wants to eat bananas till I’m meant to be in the sack myself. Dunno where she gets the energy. Dunno how I can get this kid to sleep, short of grabbing a mallet!

But aww doesn’t she look cute.


And traditional. The trend these days appears to be sticking the kid in front of a door. Cue the outrageous wit and Photoshop skills of my OH – the best door to be standing in front of:


Yeah, boy!

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